MLB Expansion and Reallignment

Flashback from the old blog! An idea for expansion and realignment.

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It has been over 10 years since MLB last expanded, yet attendance has continued to rise. Now that MLB had cleaned up its internal problems with Steroids and the Collective Barganing Aggrement, perhaps expansion is in the near future? What two cities would you like to see get MLB clubs?

Here is my proposal for reallignment, which takes a book from the NFL with 8 regional divisions. I chose Charlotte and Portland for expansion. Folks in the Carolinas currently have only the Braves to root for, and Portland would provide a natural rival for Seattle.

NL East: phillies, pirates, orioles, nationals
NL North: cubs, whitesox, cardinals, royals
NL South: braves, marlins, rays, charlotte
NL West: angels, dodgers, giants, a's
AL East: yankees, mets, redsox, bluejays
AL North: twins, indians, reds, tigers
AL South: astros, rangers, dbacks, padres
AL West: mariners, rockies, brewers, portland
108 league games, 42 interdivisional games, 12 interleague games
8 teams make the division series, best-of-5
4 teams make the league series, best-of-7
2 teams make the championship series, best-of-7